Toys for Kid

Which Toys Should I Choose for Boys?

On the market today, there are many types of toys for boys ranging from origin, shape to price. Toys for boys such as motorcycles, puzzles, and educational toys are all popular toys. In this article, I will introduce to you the notes when choosing to buy toys for children and the most popular toys for boys.

Boys enjoy thrills and fun while playing. Though there are so many toys available in the market for boys, the best remote control excavator gives the real fun experience for boys and also for some girls. It develops basic hand and eye coordination for kids. Big toys attract little dudes a lot as it sounds more and seems to be the best toy for boys.

Not just modern high-priced toys are good toys for children. Parents should choose toys based on their child’s interests and suitable for their child’s age. Good toys can help babies smarter, develop their physical and mental wellness. Whether toys for boys or girls, parents need meticulous selection.

How to choose a toy for boys?

Choose toys by age

Which Toys Should I Choose for Boys

Corresponding to each 3-month-old stage, each child will have different development and parents should know what stage their child is developing about to find a suitable toy.

For example, in the period of children under 1-year-old, the five senses nurtured are hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, and tasting. These are the most important things. The best game for children is the voice and smile of the parents. Sometimes dancing to make games, peek-a-boo, cranes, lifting, making planes, and making horses are the closest games.

In the first 6 months of life, the baby’s hearing and vision get developed. Besides, the mother’s voice let the baby play with sound-emitting toys such as balls or colorful stuffed animals. When shaking it will make a cry. A little older children love to see moving objects so let them see the ball just rolling and making a noise.

Either when your child can sit or walk, let him play a rickshaw so he can pull it, or pull it to knock the bear over. Through such games, children will know holding and pulling and moving objects.

Choose toys that stimulate children’s talents

Toys are tools for children to explore the world, develop senses, and serve as an effective communication channel for parents to learn about their child’s personality. Toys are no longer purely entertaining but also tasked with educating skills, thinking, training intelligence, and promoting children’s creativity conditionally.

There are 3 groups of toys to pay attention to are:

  • Toys to play with others
  • Toys can develop skills, change structures
  • Handmade toys

Without too many objects, instead of having fewer toys, the child’s skills are further developed. When choosing, parents need to focus on the target that should aim at entertaining, increasing mobility, training wisdom, or expanding the worldview to promote rich imagination.

One of the most traditional but never-outdated items is the teddy bear. With all kinds, sizes, and shapes, teddy bears are a close friend, helping children to vent their feelings and sleep better.

For children in the age of sitting and walking, mothers should choose items that help to recognize colors, objects, and their ability to observe. Musical toys, activities such as scooters, ball tents, swimming pools, and mini basketball posts are also on the list.

Choose safe toys

Safe toys for babies are the top condition that wise mothers often care about when buying things for their children. The mother should choose for children’s wooden toys, high-quality plastic toys with natural friendly ingredients that do not irritate the baby.

Babies are not choking or allergic to the paint on the toys when they accidentally put them in their mouths, with sharp edges that scratch the skin when they play. Toys must have a clear origin and, depending on the baby’s age, the mother gives her baby the right toys. For example, for children under 1-year-old, choose items to develop eyesight, hearing, increase grasp ability.

For boys over 1-year-old, the motor system is better, then give priority to moving objects such as shaking cars, and walkers. Some toys are meant for kids above 3. They are the excavators tested for kids and approved by parents. Baby toys should be cleaned easily. It should not emit too loud sounds that affect the baby’s hearing. They must be aesthetically pleasing and have a lively shape to promote children’s rich imagination.

Which Toys Should I Choose for Boys

Some of the favorite toys for boys

Control toys

Control toys are of many types, mainly remote-controlled cars and remote-controlled aircraft. Among these types of toys, boys enjoy the excavators, remotely controlled. These toys give live experiences to kids as if they are in a construction site spending more hours digging and dumping.

This is the best remote control excavator for kids, especially boys. Besides, control toys are difficult to use, so children need to use intelligence to control movement, overcoming obstacles. Depending on the child’s preferences, parents buy suitable toys.

Model toys

Model toys are toys that simulate the panorama of pictures that babies have seen through televisions, and books that help children develop their thinking abilities, increase intelligence and creativity.

Not only that, when children play with two miniature model toys, they will promote their creativity when linking those two models together to form a diverse, lively, and attractive model. Lead more by following a certain topic in which they have an idea already in mind.

With this toy, the mother can buy for the child models of streets, zoos, architectural works, or other professional models such as doctors, and policemen.

Active toys

Besides toys that help develop intelligence, many families choose active toys to help their babies improve their health, such as houses and slides. According to scientists, the more early exposure to the baby, playing outdoor active games, the higher the emotional EQ and the lower the risk of the child getting autism. Families can buy a cheap baby slide so they can play every day at home.

Block toys

Block toys are tools to help boys develop math thinking and memorization for longer. Simple block toys such as squares, circles, and rectangles will contribute to helping children learn a lot of new knowledge and also as luggage for children to prepare for school.


Mom should also note that when choosing toys for babies, it must help children develop their thinking as much as possible. The toys you choose should have many cubes linked to form a solid structure. Also, the puzzle blocks should have many colors and different sizes. It will help your baby more flexible in coordinating hands and eyes to create a complete product as desired. Hand and eye coordination is a more essential skill for kids. Big toys like excavators develop these skills. The best remote control excavators are the favorite in the lists for boys for its sound and size. Their imagination will just sparkle and they enjoy more spending time endlessly.

Toys play a very important role as close friends in childhood. Above is the information for parents to find out the best toys for boys before they go for purchasing a suitable toy. So choose the most suitable toys for your baby. Active playing makes happiness unlimited for kids.