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This brand really has a wide range of scooters starting with the My first scooter 3 wheeler for the  toddlers, right up to the smooth rider model for the more experienced!  The (Smooth Rider) the Rolls Royce of scooters!
Radio flyer scooters really are the ideal outdoor companion for all scooters riders and are made of tough durable materials that can withstand a good beating and look great too!

Below are the Radio Flyer Models available Today!

Scoot 2 Skate

  • Scoot 2 skate  the beginners skateboard cross scooter with removable handle.  Put the handle on it and yes, it becomes a scooter.  Take it off and “wholla” a skateboard!
  • Nice fun product with real skateboard trucks, comes with grip and is made out of real timber!
  • Suitable for  3-8 years of age and hold weight up to 81lbs

My First Scooter for girls and boys!

  • This scooter is great for toddlers and up.
  • Suitable from 2-5 years and has 2 front wheels for maximum stability an extra wide base which provides good balance.  It also folds up and no assembly is required after purchase.  That means it’s ready to go straight away!
  • Weight capacity is 50lbs
  • There is also a deluxe model with a wooden deck and streamers to match!

The E-Z Rider Scooter (top product) For Radio Flyer Scooter Reviews

  • The E-Z Rider Scooter is promoted as the easiest scooter to ride out of all the models around and is available in girls and boys models!
  • This model offers a very wide deck, wide wheels and a lower centre of gravity to make it super stable.
  • The E-Z Rider also comes with a foot-break safety feature and adjustable handlebars.
  • This model is suitable from 3-8 years of age and holds a weight capacity of 9.48lbs

The Little Red Scooter

  • A stylish scooter for the beginner with large front wheel and 2 back wheels,  these features provide extra support and stability.
  • This product comes with a wood deck, solid construction; extra long foldable handles for easy storage and the handlebars can be raised up as your child grows.
  • Weight capacity 80lbs

Smooth Rider

  • A cool stylish scooter with advanced features, and classic design.
  • This product comes with large wheels and precision ball bearings for a nice smooth ride.
  • The Smooth Rider has along wide deck that is made out of timber and is very comfortable to ride.  It also has hand and foot-breaks with adjustable handlebars.
  • The Smooth Rider  folds up to make it super portable and this also helps it to store away easily!

Radio Flyer Scooter Reviews View Below!

Reviews for Radio Flyer Product my first Scooter

Reviewed by Mrs S James

My husband just bought the My First Scooter for our boy who is nearly 3 years old.  We realized that this would be a great toy for him as he was consistently asking about getting one and just loved having a turn on the neighbours.
Christmas was only a couple of days away so we said that if he was a good boy Santa just may put one under the tree!  Well, Santa come through and our boys face lit up like you have never seen, and took to the scooter like a flash.
The main reason we took to the My first Scooter was because of the safety and stability.  Most scooters for toddlers don’t even compare to this one!  Really happy with the product, piece of mind for safety and our boy just loves it!
Reviewed by Mr M Macksville
Great scooter!  Really safe, nice wide base for extra stability.  Nice strong and sturdy!  I decided to buy this scooter after seeing one for myself and just how easy they are to ride compared to two wheel scooters!  Great price, and gets them away from the TV.

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