Choosing the Optimal size Regards Skateboard Helmets.

Anytime during skateboarding escapades, it is imperative to take some protective measures. One such measure as per standards, is wearing a helmet as well as skateboard pads. Regardless of your skateboarding prowess, these two boost safety levels to recommended standards.

Skating at the Park

Skating at the Park

Most skate parks do not compromise, a helmet is a fundamental requirement. You have to put on pads and wear a helmet before setting foot past their gates. Get best helmets for skateboarding at Protec who boast of a variety of skateboard helmets that are quite stylish, yet maintain safety levels. They come in different colors and design. Yet, the underlying safety factor is well catered for.

Proper and Effective head Measurement

To ensure the head is properly protected, take precise measurements for flawless fitting. It does not matter the brand chosen, the basics include tight but comfortable fitting, and protective padding availability.  That said, a skateboard helmet should get replaced often, especially when it appears damaged from extensive use. As for young skateboarders, change frequency should match their growth levels in order to avoid outgrowing the helmet.

As indicated above, helmets should sit properly on a rider’s head for proper and effective protection. So, one would wonder how they get to measure the head size. Besides, various brands use different sizing techniques. Good news is once you have the head size, brands can match it to their sizing charts. Thus, the challenge remains in properly measuring head size.

Step by Step Procedure

Here are the steps in order of accuracy.

  • Acquire a soft tape measure and wrap it around your forehead, resting slightly over your eyebrows and ears (this is where your helmet will rest). Measure the level starting from the front all the way to the back of your head. A mirror could come in handy or some help from a friend. When measuring, make sure the tape is neither too tight nor too loose. Then, record the circumference in centimeters for European sizing and inches for UK and US sizing.
  • In case a tape measure if not readily available, make use of a string. As soon as you wrap it as indicated above, make some marks, and measure it in contrast to a ruler.
  • Should you find all of these hard, get a comfortably fitting hat. Normally, hats have head sizes embossed or on some tag. That, serves as a reliable source of head size measurement.

That, makes it quite simple for those planning to order online. It is even simpler should you visit a store. While there, you might try out a few, and with the help of experts get the best fit.

Laws on Skateboard Helmet Safety

Now that you know there are laws on skateboard safety, you should know that they are not the same for all states. Some states have laws that simply prescribe helmet wearing at all times for children under a specified age. However, a state like California is more specific, indicating that all children under the age of 18 must wear a CPSC-certified helmet every time they go skating.

Violation Fines

First time violators would probably get away with a mere warning. As for repeat violators, the amount goes up after every new incidence. Thus, if skating in California, it is a personal duty to ensure that the helmet chosen meets CPSC regulations. Most of which typically come with an EPS protective lining, for enhanced protection. While California laws are somewhat extensively covered here, the rest have not been touched on. Therefore, familiarize yourself with state laws before purchasing a helmet to ensure you are on the right side of the law.

Checking CPSC Certification

CPSC Certification

Some are probably still stuck at CPSC Certification. Well, here is an explanation on what that is exactly. Those initials simply stand for Consumer Product Safety Commission. In the U.S and particularly California, under Section 890.4 of the Streets and Highways Code shipping of non-CPSC Certified helmets is prohibited. That said, you might still be wondering on how one can check for certification. Quite simple, just head to the CPSC website and you will ascertain whether the helmet to buy is certified.


Having covered California’s requirements, other states may feel left out.  Good news is, plenty of information is available online. Make a well-informed purchase for your safety and to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

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