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Tips For Cyclists To Stay Hydrated While On The Go

Drinking water is an important element to total wellness that can easily be forgotten. If you are on the road driving on two wheels with your friends or family, you may totally disregard your need to top up or may be hindered by factors such as your distance from the water source, the quality of hydration fluid available, environmental conditions, and so on. However, if you decided to bring one of the best water bottles for cycling, it will be a lot easier to drink at regular intervals.

Tips For Cyclists To Stay Hydrated While On The Go

Hydration, however, does not begin and end the moment you step on your bike. Take note that even while you are just breathing, you are releasing body water. As you ride your bike, you begin to sweat more. As a result, all bodily functions speed up to compensate for the lost fluids and the thickening of your blood. In turn, the body will require more water to replace the body fluids that are displaced in the process. To make sure that you will be properly hydrated on your next road trip, follow these tips.

Tips For Cyclists To Stay Hydrated While On The Go

Drink water first thing in the morning

Water not only replenishes fluids that you release while your body performs its regular functions. When you drink water your metabolism gets better. It also helps flush out toxins from your body. Water also fuels your brain, lungs, and other parts of your body. It may even help make you eat less.

Drinking about 300 to 500 ml. of water when you wake up in the morning drink is a great way to start the day right. You may also squeeze in some lemon juice in your drink if you want something flavorful. Drinking enough water when you wake up will replace the body fluids that you lose as you sleep. This will also aid in your body’s metabolism. The vitamin C added from the lemon will also help boost your immune system.

Drink about 300 to 500 ml of water at least a couple of hours before you start your workout, train, or go cycling to get a head start

This is critical, especially when the weather outside is quite hot. However, if you will be riding on days when it is ice cold on the road, you should not drink more than you need as the cold weather will require your body to release excess fluids more often. It will be troublesome for you to be driving and wanting to go to the nearest restroom to relieve yourself.

Water may not be enough; top up with an electrolyte drink

Studies indicate that water will not replace electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride that you may lose when you work out. Remember that as you sweat while cycling you also use so much energy, which is released by the electrolytes present in your body system. If you won’t be able to maintain the balance of both body water and electrolytes in your body, you will experience a significant drop in the quality of your performance.

You may need a more concentrated mix when you will be out riding during the colder days of the month or the season. Drink a less concentrated mix when the weather is warm as you will need to drink more. You may also drink sugar-free electrolyte drinks and gel bars to help keep the water and electrolyte balance in your body. It is significantly important to emphasize at this point that hydration needs are highly individualized. Every person will lose body water at varying rates. Customizing the replacement level can be achieved by calculating your sweat rate by weighing yourself before and after exercise. In general, however, the longer you need to stay outside and the more intense your efforts are or the activity that you are engaging in, the greater the amount of liquids from all possible sources that you will need to consume.

You may also consider creating your own infused water to double the power of hydration by mixing fresh fruits and vegetables in your drink. Not only will this make your drink more flavorful, but it will also boost your stamina and your immune system and help ward off day to day health issues. You may opt to add cut pieces of melon, apples, lemon, grapes, mint, or add orange juice to your drink.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you drink

It will be difficult to tell if you are just hungry or thirsty when you are on the go. You may also opt to voluntarily dehydrate yourself or think that you can just delay your next sip of water when you are busy focusing on your ride or when you have forgotten to bring extra water bottles. These are just a few reasons that may cause you to delay that next sip, but you should not. Note that even 2% of body weight lost as your sweat will be enough to make you feel the consequence of dehydration. You may lose your concentration, feel tired, have palpitations or experience difficulty in breathing and so on. So, it is best to drink at regular intervals instead of waiting to feel that sense of thirst as this may only mean that you are already dehydrated.

Hydrate after every cycling session

Don’t need until you reach your house to get another drink. Remember that hydration is a continuous process. You will need to replace both body fluids and electrolytes that you will lose even after you finish your workout, session, or ride. Your body needs to recover after a long drive and drinking enough water after the ride will allow your body to be ready for the next session or trip. And as hydration is highly individualized, you will need to find what seems to work best for you.


Take note, however, that you should never drink more than what you should as this may also cause a dangerous condition called hyponatremia. This condition happens as the body will be holding more water than what it should, causing the sodium level of the body to go down to an unacceptable level.

Whenever you feel dizzy or start to get a headache, stop and seek a place to rest. You will also need someone to provide you with medical assistance right away. Remember that there are athletes who died because of dehydration. So keep on topping up whenever necessary to continue enjoying the moments every time you may want or need to ride.

Bike Helmet For Toddlers

Buying a Bike Helmet For Toddlers!

When buying a bike helmet for toddlers there are several options that need to be considered!
What is the age of the child?

What will they be riding? Where will the toy go?  And what speeds will they be traveling?
All these factors need to be taken into account when purchasing a helmet for your little one and a quality helmet that fits and protects is what we are looking for right?
Toddler’s helmets come in a wide range of sizes and some are adjustable inside with changeable padding.  Unfortunately not all helmets are one size fits all.
Sizes can range from 18.75 inches to 20 inches in diameter.  It is very important that you purchase the correct sized helmet.
All helmets are made from tough durable plastics outer covering with a soft padded protectable liner.
Most helmets have removable foam lining that can adjust for correct fitting this also come with an adjustable strap.  Nearly all helmets are designed with air vents to allow free circulation of air to stop your little one getting too hot, and some come with a visor at the front to keep out glare and hot sun.
“The Design of a bike helmet for toddlers is also very important; most of them are very colourful and have some great cartoon characters.  This makes it fun for them to wear and show off to their friends.  Actually some kids like them so much that they don’t want to take them off!”

Safety Tips and your toddlers bike helmet!

Most of you looking at this article are considering buying a bike helmet for your toddler as you wish them to be safe on their micro mini scooter or toy of choice.  Also, you may want to consider other protective gear such as knee and elbow pads if you think they are a little adventurous.
From experience it’s the knees, elbows and hands that get the most scratches from little accidents and protection from padding can definitely save you from getting out the antiseptic.

TIP: You can buy helmet and pads together in packs!
Make sure also that the helmet fits well and that your toddler is comfortable, this way they won’t go sneaking it off when you are not looking!

Bike Helmet for Toddlers Reviews!

Reviewed by Mary Quincy:
My boy is two and a half now and my daughter is three.  One of them has a larger head for his age.  I decided to buy the (Bell shell) as the helmet comes with thick and thin pads. I found that with the thick pads the helmet was a perfect fit!  Also, with the thinner pads when he grows I can change them so he has a permanent perfect fit.  I actually purchased another exactly the same for my daughter and they both love them!
Review by M R Keen
We absolutely love the helmet we purchased here.  My 18 month old wears it every time he rides his mini micro scooter or his bike trailer, he looks really cute and is learning that he needs to wear it each time he wants to go for a ride.  He should also be able to wear his helmet for a very long time, which is great!
We also purchased some different size pads that work just great!

Review by Mrs S Jane
Our helmet is excellent, really happy as it almost impossible to find a helmet for such a small head.  I am very happy with the quality and the adjustability of it all.  Also my daughter is picky about what she puts on her head and this doesn’t upset her at all.  Highly recommended!

I hope you found this article Buying a Bike Helmet for Toddlers useful?  You can get a lot more reviews and view all the products by following the link provided.  This is one of the products we recommend as it comes with pads too! You will also be directed to the full range of Toddlers helmets!
Toy Story Child Pacific Disney Pixar Helmet and Pads

PS:  You will find that they offer free shipping most of the time and have all the add on products that you may need, such as knee and elbow pads  if you decide to purchase a different style helmet!

Kids Just love the Micro Mini Scooter!

“The Micro Mini Scooter, if we only had them!”

“Having a micro mini scooter is the dream of any kid who wants to stay in touch with the ‘big kids’, and let’s face it, if we can help them to achieve that then life gets that little bit easier, for a year or two, anyway”.
  • As much as we love our kids, and wish that they could just play nicely together, there comes a time when one moves on to ‘toys’ that the other isn’t old enough to play with, and the fighting begins, yet again.
  • The this scooter is designed to give all those 3 to 5 year olds their own ‘big kid’ toy that’ll mean they won’t be left trailing behind their bigger brother or sister; and most of us with older siblings will know how that feels.
  • Another cool thing about this is the fact that they won’t look like they’ve been forced to use something that makes them look like a ‘baby’. It also means that their older sibling won’t race off without them, just so that they won’t have to look like they’re playing with a little kid; that’s just so embarrassing for them.
  • With a range of high end features, such as the three wide wheels for stability, rear brake for extra safety, and the collection of cool kids colors, most adults wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen on this style of scooter; just imagine what you’d save on daily transport and parking.
  • You’re smart enough to know that the more we can get our kids outside playing, the more chance we have of making sure that they’re getting the exercise that they need to keep that debilitating weight from ruining their lives, and that’s a concern of parents all over the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your kids by your side, on their micro mini scooter, as you go for a short jog?
  • I know, going for a jog, not something that you probably want to do, but hey, just think about it. You get fit, they get fit, you spend time together, and, for those after an ‘excuse’ for not running far or quickly, you have to go at a pace they can keep up with; until they realize just how quickly they can scoot along on a awesome 3 wheel mini scooter!
  • Did you know that not only is the micro mini scooter a great way of getting the kids to play together, and getting them outside doing something that’s not only fun, but healthy; it can actually help to improve their coordination, as well. Here’s what I mean. The micro mini scooter weighs only 3.7 pounds, so it’s really light, and it’s maneuverable, so why not give them a challenge that helps to improve their coordination?

Most kids love dodging in and out of things, often its trouble that they’re dodging in and out of, but anyway… so why not give them a mini obstacle course for them to test their micro mini scooter skills on? As they get better at it – meaning they’re developing their coordination – you can start to make the course a little trickier. Just imagine what it could mean for other sports they may want to play if they can be that coordinated at the age of 3?

Before you start thinking about what you missed out on as a kid, because these weren’t available then, and start thinking about trying one for yourself, don’t, the maximum weight is 70lbs; disappointing, I know, but it’s going to be plenty to allow your kids to get out, have fun, get healthy, and generally have a good time zooming around on their micro mini scooter.

Micro Mini Scooter Review

“We bought the Mini Micro Scooter for our child when he was three years old. He’s nearly seven now, goes quick! It’s definitely easily the best money we ever spent on a toy! he was up on it nearly straight away, and before long he was enjoying cruising around  all over the neighborhood. Most ( nearly all ) other beginning scooters have 2 wheels in the back, but this design is “so much better”!!! It’s definitely a lot more stable, and e quicker and a lot  fun for the child than any other scooter I’ve seen around.

It’s very easy to control and quite safe to ride too. Truthfully it’s great because you feel a lot more safe for your own piece of mind and your child’s. Everyone always wanted to know where we purchased it, and in fact, we have several friends who grabbed one after seeing ours, and their kids were all very happy with their scooter as well.

On the flip side, the people who lived across the road didn’t want to spend so much money, and so they bought a cheaper scooter ( the type with two back wheels and a lager foot platform. Their son only gave it a try twice that I recall in the last three years! Yet, he wanted to ride our son’s scooter every chance he could… meanwhile, the little guy next door ( who is 3.5 now ) got one for Christmas when he was 2.5 and has ridden it nearly every day since he got it, weather permitting.

“This is a fantastic scooter and your kids will actually use it instead of collecting dust in the garage”.

My son moved up to a 2-wheeled Razor scooter when he turned six, but even then, he was still enjoying the little micro scooter.”

Order Today!

If you wish you would like to read more reviews or purchase a Micro Mini Scooter
you can do so by following the link here!  They really are a great toy scooter!

PS:  There is a huge range and loads of colors for your child to choose from!