Bike Helmet For Toddlers

Buying a Bike Helmet For Toddlers!

When buying a bike helmet for toddlers there are several options that need to be considered!
What is the age of the child?

What will they be riding? Where will the toy go?  And what speeds will they be traveling?
All these factors need to be taken into account when purchasing a helmet for your little one and a quality helmet that fits and protects is what we are looking for right?
Toddler’s helmets come in a wide range of sizes and some are adjustable inside with changeable padding.  Unfortunately not all helmets are one size fits all.
Sizes can range from 18.75 inches to 20 inches in diameter.  It is very important that you purchase the correct sized helmet.
All helmets are made from tough durable plastics outer covering with a soft padded protectable liner.
Most helmets have removable foam lining that can adjust for correct fitting this also come with an adjustable strap.  Nearly all helmets are designed with air vents to allow free circulation of air to stop your little one getting too hot, and some come with a visor at the front to keep out glare and hot sun.
“The Design of a bike helmet for toddlers is also very important; most of them are very colourful and have some great cartoon characters.  This makes it fun for them to wear and show off to their friends.  Actually some kids like them so much that they don’t want to take them off!”

Safety Tips and your toddlers bike helmet!

Most of you looking at this article are considering buying a bike helmet for your toddler as you wish them to be safe on their micro mini scooter or toy of choice.  Also, you may want to consider other protective gear such as knee and elbow pads if you think they are a little adventurous.
From experience it’s the knees, elbows and hands that get the most scratches from little accidents and protection from padding can definitely save you from getting out the antiseptic.

TIP: You can buy helmet and pads together in packs!
Make sure also that the helmet fits well and that your toddler is comfortable, this way they won’t go sneaking it off when you are not looking!

Bike Helmet for Toddlers Reviews!

Reviewed by Mary Quincy:
My boy is two and a half now and my daughter is three.  One of them has a larger head for his age.  I decided to buy the (Bell shell) as the helmet comes with thick and thin pads. I found that with the thick pads the helmet was a perfect fit!  Also, with the thinner pads when he grows I can change them so he has a permanent perfect fit.  I actually purchased another exactly the same for my daughter and they both love them!
Review by M R Keen
We absolutely love the helmet we purchased here.  My 18 month old wears it every time he rides his mini micro scooter or his bike trailer, he looks really cute and is learning that he needs to wear it each time he wants to go for a ride.  He should also be able to wear his helmet for a very long time, which is great!
We also purchased some different size pads that work just great!

Review by Mrs S Jane
Our helmet is excellent, really happy as it almost impossible to find a helmet for such a small head.  I am very happy with the quality and the adjustability of it all.  Also my daughter is picky about what she puts on her head and this doesn’t upset her at all.  Highly recommended!

I hope you found this article Buying a Bike Helmet for Toddlers useful?  You can get a lot more reviews and view all the products by following the link provided.  This is one of the products we recommend as it comes with pads too! You will also be directed to the full range of Toddlers helmets!
Toy Story Child Pacific Disney Pixar Helmet and Pads

PS:  You will find that they offer free shipping most of the time and have all the add on products that you may need, such as knee and elbow pads  if you decide to purchase a different style helmet!

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