Best Kids Scooters 2011 – Top 5 Best Selling Scooters For Kids of All Ages

Welcome to the Best Kids Scooters 2011 – Top 5 Best Selling Scooters For Kids of All Ages!

“Gone are the days of pump up tyres and repairing punctures for scooter. The modern scooter has evolved into a lightning fast super stable, rubber wheels, and foldable machine.
These new modern scooters look absolutely stunning and are super comfortable and easy to ride! Truthfully I wish they had scooters like this when I was a kid, not only are they more fun, but my knees and hands would of saved a few scrapes and bruises!”

Below I have provided what I believe to be the Best Kids Scooters 2011 – Top 5 Best Selling Scooters for Kids of All Ages.

The Mini Kick Scooter 4.5 stars:

The Micro Mini Kick scooter won the best toy of the year award and for good reason too. This scooter comes with three wheels for extra stability at the front and has received rave review on Amazon.
From the reviews I can see that many Toddlers have taken to this style of scooter and just love it because they can get on it straight away and keep up with the big kids!
The scooter is durable, folds away easily and comes in wide range of colours for girls and boys.
Amazon Buyer Review!

This review is from: maxi kick Scooter – PURPLE with T-BAR Steering. Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Seal Awards, 2009 (Misc.)
I purchased this scooter for my 5 and 1/2 year old daughter for Christmas. I was immediately impressed with the quality of them item, including the relatively easy and secure assembly. I was amazed at how quickly my daughter mastered the lean-to-steer concept and breaking mechanism. We haven’t been able to “road test” the scooter outside due to an abnormally snowy and icy winter, but our house has wood floors throughout and she rides it constantly. That said, the wheels on this scooter DO NOT even make a mark on the wood floors, although once it goes outside, I will no longer let her ride in the house. I was initially put-off by the price, but I would definitely purchase again if given the choice.
Radio Flyer My first Scooter: 4.5 stars the radio flyer model is very similar to the Micro Mini Kick Scooter and is in direct competition. They both have similar features and look very similar with the two wheels at the front. One bonus with the Radio Flyer My First Scooter model is the wide deck for extra stability.

Radio Flyer My first Scooter 4.5 stars:

stars the radio flyer model is very similar to the Micro Mini Kick Scooter and is in direct competition.  They both have similar features and look very similar with the two wheels at the front.  One bonus with the Radio Flyer My First Scooter model is the wide deck for extra stability.

Review By
Jacqlyn Smith “JackJack”
Durability: Fun: Educational:
This review is from: Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter Red (Toy)
My husband bought this scooter for my daughter who will soon be two after seeing how much she wanted to ride the neighbour kids’ razors. My daughter jumped up and down with joy after seeing the toy. As soon as she got on she knew what to do. This toy is so SAFE, in comparison to any other competition! The base for the foot is almost a foot wide. Also the two wheels in front help balance our child more so than the two wheel in back ones. It is also fun for her to sit down on the centre portion and us to pull her around on it. It is made out of the same plastic material as the Radio Flyer wagons, so it is really durable. It did not break when I stood on it and I weigh 140. I am pretty sure it is not cleared for that heavy of a person…but I had to try it. Overall GREAT toy! Safer than a Trike too, since she is not having to climb over the middle section..She just steps off.

The Razor Pro Model Scooter 4.5 stars:

This scooter is for the more advanced rider who wants a tough fast scooter that is strong and durable. The scooter is made out of high quality aluminium and many of the reviews say that it much better than other razor models and worth the paying a few dollars extra for the quality.

By thenervemann -This review is from: Razor Pro Model Scooter (Sports)
I am currently 15 and ride scooters all the time off jumps and have done a lot of crashes, spills, and wipe outs and this scooter still stayed together. On the other models they have not reinforced them enough and so I break them all the time I went through about 4 scooters and this one lasted me the longest. I have had it for about 9 months and it is still fine. I just need to buy new wheels and grips every once in a while which isn’t a problem.

Kent Super Scooter 4.5 Stars:

The Kent Super Scooter is more of a cruise style scooter that is used for a form of transport as well as great fun. This model comes with front and back brakes just like a bike. Actually it even has front handlebars like a bike and is very stylish!
The Kent Super Scooter: The Kent Super Scooter is a super stylish scooter that has all the mod cons of a push bike. This scooter supports front and back wheel breaks and push bike handlebars. The reviews provided showed that it’s a real cruiser and serves as not only a great form of transport, but really fun too!

Check out the review from Amazon buyer!
This review is from: Kent Super Scooter (Sports)
Got this scooter for a ten year old who has developed a resistance to learning to ride a bicycle. We have tried for years to teach him to no avail. He can do pretty much anything else; plays soccer, baseball and basketball well. He simply has developed a fear of the bicycle and refuses to try. We hoped that the scooter would help and it has! He took right off on it after a few tries and can now balance himself for several hundred feet until he runs out of downhill road!
He loves the scooter, and Dad(me)does too! It was relatively easy to assemble, although I did need an extra pair of hands to get the brakes adjusted properly. Assembly time was under 10 minutes. The scooter has a strong frame like a bicycle and all the hardware to match. I would rate the quality equivalent to a Huffy or Murray bicycle that you would get for a kid this age. I expect that it will last until long after the first son has outgrown it and the second son will use it also.

The Razor E-300 Electric Scooter 4.5 stars

In 2010 this scooter was a seller on the Amazon hot list.  So it’s very hard to put this at the bottom of the list, but for anyone chasing an electric scooter out of all the models this has to be the one!
This scooter is the most durable and easiest to ride out of all the electric scooter models and is suitable for children 12 years and older!

This review is from Donald G. Burggaller (: Razor E300 Electric Scooter (Sports)
I purchased 2 Razor 300 scooters for my daughters (8 and 9 years old) for Christmas. They shipped and arrived in 4 days. They were easy to assemble and I was impressed with the quality. I thought the girls would have a little trouble riding them since the recommended age is 12 yrs old. With an hour or so of instruction they were riding confidently. I am very pleased with everything about these scooters and highly recommend them.

As you can see some great reviews from the Best Kids Scooter 2011-Top 5 Best Selling Scooters For Kids of All Ages.  Sorry I didn’t put up all the Pros and Cons, it would just take way too long.  The best way to read more reviews and check out the prices is to follow the link now and see for yourself today!

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